Clutch Master

Clutch Master Cylinders can fail in a lot of different ways and therefore have a lot of different symptoms. This one, however, was a bit of a dangerous one. If you look at the picture below you will see that the piston have 2 seals and that the inner seal have perished and loses fluid […]

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A little more about AutoInfo

So I recently started blogging… It was scary at first mainly because I write about info on anything that involves cars and that I may share info that is not 100% correct that I will be judged for. But you see, any automotive mechanic has his own experience that taught him what he knows now. […]

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Novice Car Tips

Vehicles have been developed to such an extent that the electronics inside needs less maintenance than the mechanical components and mechanical components will fail if not enough care is being taken to keep them in good working order. You, the driver is responsible for the care of your vehicle and a few checks here and […]

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Engine warm up… How?

Im sure a lot of people at some stage thought what would be the best, to let your car warm up while idling or drive it until normal operating temperature is reached. Unless you have a carburated engine, starting your car and driving is the best you can do. Let me explain why. When a […]

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A puddle of conventional oil and a puddle of synthetic oil may look the same and they may even smell the same. It leaves one thinking that they are very much the same oil, adding that synthetic oil may cost 6 to 10 times that of conventional oil. What is the difference then really? Now […]


Saving more fuel by staying in Gear.

Ever wondered if you would save more fuel going downhill in neutral or rather stay in gear? Allow me to explain. Modern fuel injection systems are programmed to switch fuel injection off whenever you release the accelerator while the engine speed is over 1200RPM, this is because the transmission is transferring the foward momentum of […]

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Turbo Lag,What is it?

With engines equipped with a turbocharger the turbo lag feeling is inevitable, however, engineers have found ways to overcome it. The turbocharger assembly consists of a ambient air inlet and a compressor outlet, (compressor housing that houses the compressor wheel) which forces the air in the engine. The only way for air to enter the […]

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Quick guide to Octane Rating

Costs of fuel are through the roof and many uninformed motorists can save the extra cash when they have a better understanding of what different Octane Ratings Really mean. People tend to link Octane Rating with Engine Performance and think that higher Octane have higher energy content. The Octane Rating on fuel merely indicates the […]

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